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Emmanuel Christian School (ECS) is an independent, non-denominational parent-controlled school currently catering for pupils between the ages of three and eleven. The School was established in 1988 by parents and teachers concerned to provide educational excellence in a Christian environment.

The School seeks to support parents in bringing up children “in the training and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6 v 4). Recognising, however, that the prime responsibility belongs to the parents, the School is very dependent on parental involvement and cooperation.


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Year 3 Holiday Homework

Year 3 Homework

Easter Holiday: Homework Due on Thursday, 14/04

Dear Parents,

The Easter holidays have arrived and what a joyous occasion they should be! In Year 3, we want to celebrate learning, so I hope these activities will encourage your children and that you can spend some time with them while they learn.


Some groups have been given Marvellous Maths homework, so please check with your child if they have been given some.

Mathletics: Please check online for maths exercises to be done on Mathletics.

Your child has been given a light yellow sheet of paper and some coloured paper. Your child will be expected to create a pizza that represents different fractions with the following qualities (if your child prefers, they may create a pizza by colouring):

-The pizza should be divided into at least 8 pieces (but can be more)

- You should represent at least 5 different fractions using different toppings for your pizza. (For example, 8/8 of the is cheese, 1⁄2 is sausage, 2/4 has onions,….)

- Whether you draw your pizza (must be coloured) or cut out your toppings from other pieces of paper, I should be able to identify the fractions represented.

-Your pizza pieces should be equal (they don’t have to be perfect but very close to equal amounts).

Please include:

- A “key” that represents each one of the different fractions of your pizza and the toppings that are included in those fractions

- Next to each of the 5 different fractions, you must write

2 equivalent fractions to that one.

Your pizza may be circular or rectangular.


Included worksheet: In this activity, please encourage your child to do one a day at least. Sheets of paper have been provided for the recordings they make.

Year 3 Literacy Holiday Homework

Times-tables: Please work through the 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables this holiday. Please look at one a week.


  1. adventure                   7. pressure
  2. denture                       8. fissure
  3. venture                        9. leisure
  4. adventurer                  10. sure
  5. measure
  6. treasure 
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