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… an extremely positive school ethos in which all pupils thrive in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.


Tucked away in Littlemore, in a beautiful Victorian schoolhouse (founded by John Henry Newman in 1838), Emmanuel Christian School (ECS) is a small, non-denominational Christian school for children aged 3 to 11.

It was established in 1988, when a group of parents felt the need for an alternative approach to education. Over many years, schools had come increasingly to reflect the humanistic, secular and materialistic outlook prevalent in society. The founding families of ECS wanted to put God, and a Biblical view of the world, back into the heart of their children’s education. Not that the aim was to withdraw from society; one of ECS’s core aims remains that children be prepared to engage fully and productively in society, bringing to bear an ability to think critically for themselves, as well as a willingness to serve God and society.

The distinctive ethos of the school leads to a very distinctive atmosphere. Visitors often remark on the warm, friendly feel, as well as the children’s cheerfulness, courtesy and confidence. The school is small, and there is room for every child to be known and to flourish. Children who might be “lost” in larger classes often blossom in our smaller classes. The school has continued to be parent controlled, and functions as a community rather than an institution. We are thrilled to be a thoroughly international school, celebrating our rich cultural diversity.

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