“Jesus said ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it’”. (Mark 10:14)

At ECS we seek to teach the children to remain childlike in their approach to God. We seek to teach them the truths of the good news about Jesus and to help them see how He is relevant to their lives. For those who have faith in Him, in partnership with the Holy Spirit who lives in them, we seek to build them up and encourage them in their Christian lives. As such we welcome children from all faiths and none and from all sorts of backgrounds.

We use the following criteria for admitting children to the school:

  • Parental acceptance of the Biblical principles on which the school is run and willingness to allow their children to join in the activities of the school.
  • Parental financial commitment to the agree fees. Bursaries up to 50% of the full fees are available subject to need and availability.
  • Parental willingness to serve the school. There are various opportunities to fulfil this commitment.
  • The ability of the school to meet the education needs of the child. Independent assessment may be used in complex cases.
  • Availability of places. Children are normally accepted onto a waiting list if a particular class is oversubscribed.
  • Siblings and children moving from the ECS nursery will be given preference.

Process of admission

Applications for the admission of a child to Emmanuel Christian School are considered by the Principal. The overriding concern is prayerfully to seek to discern the will of the Lord in respect of each case. Subject to this the Principal will take advice from other staff members as appropriate. In some circumstances the Principal may feel it appropriate also to consult some or all of the Board members. The Principal will consider all of the factors outlined in the policy. The final decision on whether to admit the child rests with the School.

Children will normally be accepted into the nursery at the start of the term following their third birthday.

Children will normally be accepted into the reception class in the September before their fifth birthday.

There may be space for older children. Parents should discuss their needs with the Principal.

Throughout this section reference to parents should be taken to refer to those persons who have legal guardianship of the child for whom a place is being sought.

Admission is by a well-defined series of steps, which are set out as follows



All prospective applicants will first receive a copy of the Prospectus, which gives details of key aspects of the School’s objectives, policies and procedures. Parents will normally visit the school on an open morning/evening/day, but may make arrangements for an informal visit at another time.



Prospective applicants will be invited to meet with the Principal (or a person nominated by the Principal). The main purposes of this meeting are to:

  • Inform parents about the ethos and approach the school takes to education.
  • Informs the parents about their specific responsibilities to the school and explore ways in which they would be prepared to serve the school.
  • Inform the prospective applicants about the way the School runs and to provide an opportunity to look around the School.
  • Respond to any initial practical queries the parents my have.
  • Identify any special educational need associated with the child.


Applicants wishing to proceed should submit their application(s) on the standard form enclosed with the prospectus (further forms are available from the School Secretary). This should be retuned along with the non-refundable application fee: £50 per family for any application(s) to the infants of juniors, £20 per family for application(s) only to nursery. This fee will be credited to the account of any family whose child(ren) subsequently join the school. A separate form should be completed for each child for whom a place is sought. References will usually be taken up at this point.

At least two references will be required:

  • A reference from someone who is familiar with both parents and child(ren).
  • From the leader/pastor of the church where the parents attend. Should this not be applicable a further character reference from someone who is familiar with both the parents and child(ren) will be requested.

If the child is current or has previously been at another school, then a reference from the head teacher (or equivalent) of that school will be required for each child for whom a place is being sought.



In most cases, the Principal will decide whether the child(ren) can be accepted into the School. If referral to Board members is thought necessary, this will be carried out as speedily as possible and should in any event occur no later than the next available Board meeting.



Notification of the School’s decision will be in writing to the applicants, normally within four weeks after receipt of the application. A child for whom the application is accepted may normally expect to enter the School at the start of the term following the interview, or the date on which he/she reaches the appropriate age threshold (whichever is the later). The School will not enter into correspondence on the reasons for refusing an Application.

The acceptance form should then be signed and returned to the Secretary along with any other information requested and a deposit of £500 for infants and juniors and £50 for nursery. A place in the school should not be treated as secure until the acceptance form AND deposit have been received by the school.

Waiting List

The School maintains a waiting list for those parents wishing to apply in advance and in the event of a class being oversubscribed.

Transition from nursery to infants

Children in the nursery do not have an automatic place in the infants, i.e. Reception class, although preference will be given to children in the ECS nursery. Parents will be invited to apply during the year before their child would take up a place. A further interview and/or references would not normally be required but may be requested. Otherwise the process will proceed as applications for infants outlined above.

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