Joining the School

The completed application form should be returned to: Emmanuel Christian School, Sandford Road, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4PU, with a registration fee of £50 (Reception – Year 6) or £20 (Nursery). Cheques should be made payable to Emmanuel Christian School and sent with the form.

Once an application to join the school is accepted, a deposit of £500 (Nursery £50) is required to secure each child’s place. This will be repaid when the child leaves the school, subject to all fees being paid. In the event of canceling an accepted place or failure to give the stipulated notice (see below), this deposit will be forfeited.

School Application Form

Standard Fees

Fees are set in advance of the new academic year. For 2016/17 the fees are:

£2,100 per term (£525 per month) for the first child and £1,800 per term per further child.

There is a £300 per term discount for families who serve the school: this takes the form of a regular and sustained commitment ammounting to approx. 2 hours per week during school terms. This service can be a weekly activity (lunch duties, time supporting children in class, helping at a school club etc) or less regular activites (serving on a sub committee or working party).

There is a £70 discount for families who join the cleaning rota (does not apply to Nursery).

Some children need extra one-to-one support and this is provided by the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). The school will provide up to one hour of one-to-one time per week for each child who needs it. If more one-to-one time is thought necessary by the class teacher, SENCO and/or parents, additional support will be charged at the rate of £20 per hour.

Fees are due by the end of the first week of term or, by arrangement with the treasurer or administrator, they may be paid in monthly instalments beginning in the first week of June before the academic year begins. Failure to make a payment as planned will result in the school withdrawing the option to make instalments and demanding immediate payment of the remaining fees for the term in question.

Failure to keep up with payment of fees may result in the withdrawal of a place at the school and the family being asked to remove their child, subject to the normal period of notice. Families who find themselves in difficulty making a payment on time should speak to the school at the earliest opportunity; we will seek to be sympathetic where we are able.

Should a child begin school during the academic year, fees for the entire term must normally be paid in full before the child commences.

Fees must be paid by standing order or by direct bank transfer, cheque or by banker’s draft. We do not accept cash for fees. Should a cheque bounce, the school will charge a £15 administrative charge in addition to the charge levied by the bank.

Nursery Fees

Nursery fees are calculated based on the number of sessions each term and are also due by the end of the first week of term or by arrangement with the treasurer or administrator they may be paid monthly or weekly. For 2016/17 the school offers:

Morning SessionMonday - Friday8:30 - 12:15
All Day SessionMonday - Thursday8:30 - 15:00

The charge per hour in the Nursery is £3.95. The government childcare grant can be used toward nursery fees up to a maximum of 5 hours per day and 15 hours per week. This means that the cost of an All Day Session is £5.90 with the childcare grant (£25.65 otherwise).

Uniform & Extra Costs

Parents are required to provide their child with full uniform. Some items can be purchased from the school office.

KS2 children have swimming lessons, and there will bean additional cost for this. There will also be occasional trips that parents will need to pay for.

Bursary Scheme

The school’s object, to provide wide access to Christian education, is assisted by the operation of a means-tested Bursary Scheme. Parents are responsible for paying the full fees where at all possible. If parents are genuinely unable to pay the full fees, they may apply for a bursary, which may be awarded by the School Board’s Finance Subcommittee. The school relies on general income and the generosity of donations from friends and supporters of the school to fund bursaries. A bursary application form is available from the school administrator. Bursary awards are granted on an annual basis and each year parents must re-apply. To be eligible for consideration, parents must have handed to the school a completed bursary application by 30th April for the forthcoming academic year starting in September. Where a pupil is starting part-way through the year the application must be completed prior to the pupil’s start date. Notification of awards for the forthcoming academic year starting in September is usually before the end of the preceding July.

Cleaning Fees

To keep fees as low as possible, parents are asked to assist with a school cleaning rota. If parents are willing to participate with this rota then a deduction of £70 is made to the termly fee for parents of the main school.

Leaving the School

If a child leaves the school, other than the end of year 6, then parents must notify the school in writing at least one clear term before the intended leaving date e.g. if a pupil will be leaving during the Summer Term, then notice of this must be given to the school by the end of the Autumn term at the latest. This reflects the cycle over which the school must operate its budget and allows us to maximize the possibility of the school filling the vacated place. This also applies to parents withdrawing an application to join the school after being given a place. If sufficient notice is not given then the next full term’s fees are required to be paid in addition to the fees for the term in which the notice is given.

Defaulting of Fees

The school is entitled to charge interest of 4% over base rate on overdue payments until full payment is received. Should a child leave the school and payment of fees remains outstanding, ECS is obligated to pass on information about unpaid fees to their new school. The school may take reasonable means to recover any debt.


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Next Review: June 2017
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