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There are two classes in Infants and they work closely together, often joining for PE and topic work. The classes offer a well-balanced mix of structured, teacher-led learning with creative child-initiated activities.

In Literacy, we use a synthetic phonics scheme as recommended by Government research and Literacy experts, to build a strong foundation in reading and writing. Phonics sessions are held separately from the Literacy lessons. Pupils learn to use basic punctuation and grammar. All teaching is complemented by the creative exploration of a wide range of picture books, poems, Bible stories and non-fiction texts. Drama is often used as a tool in Literacy where pupils can improvise and express themselves.

Speaking and Listening is an area in which we believe our children can learn to excel. Small classes allow children’s individuality to be affirmed, within a context of mutual respect. Their confidence grows as they have opportunity to share their views, and listen to others in frequent class discussions.

The children learn through a combination of ‘hands on’ practical activity, building mathematical understanding, with more formal recording on paper. Work is adapted to match varied levels of mathematical ability, so that children are challenged, but not out of their depth. Children are also encouraged to see the God-given beauty and pattern inherent in mathematics.

We use the outside area of the school and also the local village hall for PE. In PE we cover games, dance and gymnastics. Children learn skills for the first stages of bat and ball games as well as working as a team and learning the concept of winning and losing.

Most afternoons the children do topic work. For example, in the topic marvellous me children not only confront many issues relevant to PSE and citizenship, but also have opportunity to classify animal families (science); survey family sizes (maths), record their findings on a computer graph (computing); look at how families used to live in the past (history); compare family life overseas with life in the UK (geography); use different media to paint family pictures (art) and so on.





Mrs Ama Senanu

Mrs Senanu teaches as well as leads the School Council and runs the Art and Craft club. She once visited the smallest church in the world!

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