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In the Lower Juniors pupils consolidate the skills and abilities they have learned lower down the school. As they become more proficient they are encouraged to become more self-aware of their own God given abilities. Pupils become more aware of how they can support and be supported by their peers, as well as the richness of the wider school community around them.

In English, children continue the systematic learning of phonics and grammar. Their range of reading material broadens, and they start to write more complex stories, poems and non-fiction reports. Children’s reading fluency, independence and expressiveness develops through a range of reading experiences. They begin to express greater inventiveness and independence in drama work.

Practical work continues in Mathematics, but children gain greater expertise in recording their work. Work is structured according to the Ofsted-approved Hamilton Trust plans. Children are encouraged to develop their problem-solving abilities, and to increase their understanding of the links between different skills, such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. They also develop speed and accuracy in mental maths.

In addition to gymnastics and dance, children develop their physical education through games skills and have fortnightly swimming lessons at a nearby leisure

Topic is taught according to the whole-school principles as with the earlier years. Naturally more is expected of the children in terms of independence and quality of work as they progress into the Lower Junior classes. Pupils start to think more abstractly about underlying principles and ideas related to the topic.





Mrs Amy McCashen

Mrs McCashen has recently arrived in the UK and is responsible for Year 3 and 4 children, teaching all subjects. Mrs McCashen is well traveled and is pleased to add the UK to her list.

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