It’s an exciting privilege to lead Emmanuel Christian School (ECS) in the next stage of its development. ECS is a learning community, committed to enabling children to experience life and learning to the full within the context of the Christian faith.

ECS enables students to explore God’s world with confidence and wonder at all that God has made. We develop curriculum which encourages students to delight in what is true, beautiful and good. We nurture a culture of humble curiosity by satisfying the appetite of every child for learning. We encourage every child not just to be a consumer of knowledge but a contributor in the society in which they have been placed. And with the confidence of knowing they are known and loved by God, each child can develop the confidence to discover the unique gifts they have been given.

As a parent, you may feel torn over the choice between a “quality education” and one which nurtures the individual child. At ECS, no such choice needs to be made. Our prayer is that each child who comes here experiences life to the full and learns to their full potential.

We look forward to you visiting to us and seeing what Emmanuel Christian School has to offer.

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