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The learning environment in Upper Juniors is an exciting mixture of individual, pair and whole class work. Pupils have opportunities to develop their abilities and work on improving their weaknesses both academically, and in terms of character and spiritual development. To help prepare pupils for their future lives they are encouraged to grow in wisdom and discernment as they apply Biblical truth and develop critical thinking.

Writing and reading are integral to the whole curriculum so pupils are trained to write in a variety of styles. Regular practice in grammar, spelling and handwriting helps to enhance their writing skills. Pupils are encouraged to speak and listen in a wide range of contexts, for example, performing plays and taking assemblies.

Pupils are well-grounded in numeracy both written and mental arithmetic which they apply to problem-solving and investigations. Shape, space and measures and data handling are all significant areas of the curriculum. Towards the end of Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to study basic algebra. Where appropriate, maths is integrated with the topic work and pupils start to appreciate how they can use mathematics to describe creation.

Science is usually taught as an integral part of topic work. Pupils study plants and animals, materials and physical processes. We encourage them to think through issues such as Evolution, and confront different interpretations of Genesis creation accounts.

In History and Geography, pupils revisit each topic through different content, such as examples of right and wrong in history and the geo-political world and the development of democracy. Regular visits to museums and outdoor activities are integral to their learning process.

Weekly PE lessons include gymnastics, dance and indoor games. Outdoor lessons are held at the local playing field, helping develop pupils’ skills in a variety of sports: football, hockey, cricket, rounders, netball, athletics and fortnightly swimming lessons.





Mrs Natalie Duncan

Mrs Duncan is busy teaching as well as fulfilling the role of Deputy Head. She is the school Maths Coordinator and runs Football club. Mrs Duncan has met Nelson Mandela.

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